Obsession Stone

Stickman on Stone

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Evidence gathered from around the world has made abundantly clear that intense electrical activity above observers on earth was the subject of massive collective endeavors to record the forms on stone. Especially compelling is the rock art theme called the “stickman.”

In the illustrations above, a well-documented electric discharge form in the laboratory (two graphics on the upper left) is compared to the remarkably similar rock art carvings from different parts of the world.

The rock art stickmen above are taken from Anthony Peratt’s 2003 paper in “Transactions on Plasma Science” of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Peratt states his conclusion forthrightly: “[The recurring petroglyph patterns] are reproductions of plasma phenomena in space.”

Of course, the majority of rock art authorities, particularly those with primary interest in Native American sources, argue that only images of the sun, moon, and stars reflect actual celestial phenomena. Apart from such associations, most authorities claim that global patterns do not exist. Rather, they tell us, the ancient artists projected onto stone the subjective content of shamanistic trances. Peratt’s investigations say the opposite—that the most fundamental patterns of rock art occur globally. Through massive labors, some apparently taking whole lifetimes according to Peratt, the artists carved into stone observed electric discharge phenomena in the heavens.